What the deadly CORONAVIRUS left us with?

Name: Amita M. V.
Age: 13
School: Nirmala Matha Convent School (ICSE/ISC)
Place: Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

The rife that bushwhacked and shook the world, the monstrous coronavirus might have quivered the eco-system of the world but brought us a bonus card. The waves of strides might have struck us heavily but we, as one family have made a shield to stop the spread of corona virus which initially originated from a seafood shop in Wuhan, China. NOW WHAT DID CORONAVIRUS LEAVE US WITH? It left us with a lore of family bonding, a traditional way of doing a work, a daily chatter from our blooming buds can now be heard, our entire food pattern has changed, COVID-19 triggered our lifestyle.

Children who were totally engrossed in their daily timetable of tests, homework and examinations are now having fun sharpening their talents in painting, dancing, music, writing, poetry and what not! We are now spending our time with our dear ones. Even I myself couldn’t spend time with my young brother who comes requesting and pleading to play with him, but due to my hectic schedule, I couldn’t play with him. But now I understand and realize the joy of being in company with him.

Washing hands was initially said to be a pain in the neck but now it is a remedy to half our problems. Covid-19 has made us hygienic, people have become so keen on cleanliness that no germs can dance in our body. Sanitizers and masks are pre-owned by everybody to protect from the monstrous coronavirus.

The roads seem empty and pollution-free as we have stopped using vehicles. There is no smoke which in turn has reduced contamination. DELHI is becoming a cleaner one after all the smog effects as there are no school buses, town buses or irritating autos. Our streets are now glimmering with its cleanliness, was it our streets which had ‘n’ number of plastic wastes? The river which flew down the ghats appears crystal clean and neat for the first time in 25 years. The railings of bus stands and railway stations are astonishingly clean and shining. Why was it not like this before? Whose mistake is it? Our Government’s or our own?

Janata Curfew manifested our unity as Indians. A never seen bond in our blood as all the Indians participated in this scheme to evacuate CORONAVIRUS from our country and to break the chain. People have still not lost their humanity, their trust has almost cured many of them in our country. The doctors who never fear of themselves being affected are showing their love through treating us and researching about the medicines giving hope to the patients. They are indeed our superheroes.

Why can’t we be always hygienic, always be united, always have fun with our family? Let us all pledge towards a healthy, pollution-free, clear and safe nation in which butterflies flutter, children laugh and play, grandmas and grandpas having a leisurely stroll… Let’s join hands to make this dream a reality!