Art eventually finds its expression

Tushara K. T., B. Sc. (Optometry)
Trinity Academy of Optometry, Palakkad

Art and Artist have many facets. But the beauty is when the latter becomes one with the art – in total unity where only the art remains predominant and not the artist.

An aspirant can transcend to this level of excellence only when he or she follows the fundamentals of simplicity, humility, individuality and unity. The nuances cannot be taught. To some they come naturally, and some achieve through untiring inward journey.

I was awed the other day, when I was speaking to Tushara on her accomplishments on enchanting wall paintings. On my probing she said, “It is only out of sheer passion that I do this”. She created some really beautiful artwork on wall. And it came out so naturally to her.

Armed with the available tools and shades, she took an unknown path undeterred of fear of failure. She was sure of the outcome. And I am not surprised because I know when you are really full of it, it always comes right.

When asked she was naïve enough to say: “I used fabric colour on wall because somehow I was sure it would work – a gut feeling coming from my past experience”. And it worked! The art she executed was with a couple of brushes, one for outline and the other for shades. It’s not that she couldn’t afford, but she felt it was enough.

The entire artwork was completed with just 3 colours. It looks stunning. I was quite impressed.

For a moment I travelled back to my school days when I was chided by my teacher in my 7th Std when I used to recreate the caricatures by the legendary cartoonist R.K. Lakshman in his column titled ‘You Said It’ in the Times of India. She asked me to stop at once. But I defied. Yes, I stopped showing it to her! The insatiable urge in me to perfect the skill and art found expression. The next year I was awarded the first prize in a full gathering for an All -India Camlin Competition. The theme for the drawing was ‘Scenery’.

Today I have a design studio. I am quite accomplished with a number of monumental works. I have the distinction of having created several Coffee Table Books for The Times of India such as – ‘Timeless’ for Annapoorna, celebrating their 50 years, ‘Outliers’ – GRG Women’s Business School, celebrating their 25 years, ‘Luminaries’ – KCT, celebrating their 20 outstanding Alumni and so on. Some of our direct assignments include – ‘Holistic’ –for NGM College, celebrating their 60 years. We are proud to have been chosen for creating a historic Souvenir to commemorate the Centenary Celebrations of CSI St. Mark’s Church. These are all masterpieces on their own right!

Decades have passed since I received the prize from Camlin. I still recollect the scene and the ‘scenery’. I see the reason and the barometer the judges used to choose me as the contestant deserving for that first prize - A different stroke, a different spark distinct from others. I stood the test which was certainly on the tenets of simplicity, humility, individuality, unity and of course imagination.

I am so glad when Tushara said that her father was fully supportive of her creative initiatives. Maybe he would have seen the creative spark in her unlike my drawing teacher who was myopic to my budding talent. I wish families, friends, teachers and society become more empathetic, and encourage artists like Tushara and give them an opportunity and a platform to deliver.

Knowingly or unknowingly Tushara has struck gold – a feat even the seasoned artists would fail to achieve in a life time!

May you receive the Almighty’s rarest blessing to take you to greater heights in your pursuit of excellence where simplicity and individuality shine in all brilliance!

- Vijay Balasubramanian