Technology & The Art of Making Videos for YouTube Channel

Name: Sudeep SD
Age: 17
Educational Institution: CS Academy
Place : Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

"It's not that we use technology, we live technology," was a simple quote I read on pinterest way back in 2016 when I was just done with my 9th grade and got my first phone. And to say the least, this quote changed my entire perception towards the concept of technology.

This realization of importance of technology in everyday life coupled with some knowledge and curiosity I had about Youtube is definitely what provoked my passion, and nudged my urge to take technology and tech related videos to a different level.

With a vision that I must provide the best I can to the audience and viewers I was about to build, I kick started my Youtube journey in May 2016.

Making a video is considered by many as a simple task. But in reality to make the viewing worthwhile one has to do a lot of thinking and orchestrate various other efforts which need to go into their making.

Youtube is not a simple medium. Getting an audience to view your video is a a task in itself. Where knowledge, consistency and innovation have a major role to play. Your creation has to stand out head and shoulders above the crowd so that people can notice you better.

The challenge, when it comes to technological videos, is that the video itself cannot be too long. At the same time, it must also provide adequate information about the product or the information disseminated in an interesting and impactful manner.

My Creative Flow
I have my own style and methodology in creating videos. First and foremost, there is an extensive research as well as pre-production work to be done. I ensure that the information being provided is authentic. I clearly write down what my video is going to look like.

Apart from this, to make sure my viewers have a sense of fulfillment and gain complete knowledge about the product and service. I make sure my video is separated into sections or parts so that they can understand the product better.
My video usually starts off with the introduction of the product, travels towards various aspects of the product. Finally when summing up I give my honest opinion about it. This approach has helped me stay fresh and more reliable for my set of audience.

The Art Aspect
I'm a strong believer of the saying that "Your camera can sometimes convey better than your words". So in terms of quality and visual presentation I do my best to make the audience feel satisfied as they watch my videos.
I Include shots which look visually aesthetic so that they show the beauty of the product. I also ensure that the music which goes along with the vibe of the video is apt and complementary.

Personally, I believe only when the video and the audio gel can bring a feeling of freshness and the audience can feel connected.

As I started this channel, it didn't realize the role of good visuals As I kept progressing with the channel through the years I've found that its of great help and even now and further I'll always keep experimenting in terms of the way I present my videos to the audience.

To sum up my whole experience of being a small creator on YouTube, I'd say that its been a roller coaster ride. As I had specified earlier, YouTube is not an easy game to win at . You need to put in a lot of effort, time, patience and passion to create something outstanding to draw the attention of the audience in the platform.

There have been times when I haven't received the best of my views or likes as I'd expect them but what has always kept me going is the everlasting passion I have towards video making and delivering quality technological help and guidance to audience who view my channel.

Consistency and Passion do mean a lot and at times It is rewarding when you get recognized for all that work you put in.

There has been times when I've received a whopping 50,000+ views on a video to another time where the views do not go beyond 500 or even a mere 100, but what will always keep me going is the erudite and discerning audience I'm able to connect with in the form of subscribers and the amount of knowledge I can put out for anybody to get enriched with. Indeed I'm grateful to what this whole process has brought me since the start

There's still a long way to go in this journey, but all I can do from my part is be as passionate as ever while being sincere and responsible to my audience.