Basics of Logistics Support Services

Basics of Logistics Support Services | No. of pages : 68 | Price Rs.180/-

By Dr. G. Vignesh, Prof. & Head, Post-Graduate Dept. of Commerce (IB)
Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College, Pollachi

This little reference book, handy in size and content, portrays valuable insights into Logistics, its scope, multi-modal transport systems and a global perspective of the industry and its challenges.

It will prove to be a companion for travellers who are guided on the planning, detailing and budgeting they need to do beforehand while going to new places so as to ensure a comfortable, safe and risk-free journey for an economical price. The book also gives tips on where to stay and what traditional foods are available. The author explains how to prepare itinerary to make the most of the travel and book tickets by the shortest route. In a nutshell, the book is your guide to understand the when, where and how aspects of travelling, avoiding pitfalls and enjoying your trip - business or pleasure – to the fullest.

The book was edited, designed and printed by Shreya Arts. Copies are obtainable from Kovaiglitz.

- P.K. Balasubramanian