A Tribute to My Mother

Oh Ma! I am grateful to you
For bringing me to this wonderful world!
I know the woes you had to face
To rear me and siblings in whirlwind!
Never ever you expressed your emotions
Or displayed your pain or sacrifice!

I knew you were swimming against the tide,
Making every wave to sing a lullaby;
You nursed and nurtured and held my hand
So I didn’t buckle or falter.

I remember how my teacher caned me one day
For not coping with the lessons taught;
But you grappled me, wiped my tears
And coached me to come out first in the school!

Those were the days when one had to wade through
Numbers and numbers to find out the result;
I remember you ran from people to places like a hurricane
To find my number with a star!

Studies, job, marriage... everything happened in quick succession.
But in everything I saw your benevolence and blessings!
What you muttered to my spouse I still recall:
‘My child, do look after him like a mother ’!

Oh Ma! You are love incarnation!
You gave me literacy which is more than material wealth;
You taught me values, virtues, to remember the roots and remain humble;
And gave me courage to face the challenges the world posed!

Oh Ma! I said so much, but so little about you and your talents and interests
In craft, culture, music and dance, and of course culinary art,
Making posterity proud of the legacy
You left behind for generations to inherit!

Mother’s day once a year makes me chuckle!
For there’s no single day you don’t appear
Smiling at me with innate innocence, and
Raising hands to bless me from the heaven!

- P.K. Balasubramanian