Women Empowerment - Kovaipudur sets an example!

This is a true story of how a Library can connect and help people who have an entrepreneurial spark in them.

It is the story of Jaya and Jaya - two young women who attended the program ‘Unave Marunthu’ (food is medicine) conducted by Kovai Bala at the Kovaipudur Public Library some time ago. Cherma Jayam and Jaya Mani to be precise. Cherma Jayam, already armed with a diploma in organic food preparation from Madurai was toying with the idea of doing something of her own. That’s when she met a like-minded person, Jaya Mani. The Kovaipudur Public Library in Coimbatore was instrumental in bringing them together and giving shape to their idea of making a career in starting an outlet for serving organic food. Thanks to the timely help that came in from ‘Self Helping Group’ a joint initiative by the Union Govt. and the Government of Tamil Nadu, they could get financial assistance for taking a shop on lease for starting the business.

The outlet known as ‘Makizhchi Eyarkai Unavakam’ (Happy Organic Food Center - if you translate), started functioning from 1st week of December ‘18. The Library members had already got a foretaste of the delicious dishes from Makizhchi prepared by the duo with their own hands and served post each ‘unave marunthu’ lecture program. “We shall ever remain grateful and indebted to Kovaipudur Govt. Public Library and Noolagar Vijayan Sir for the motivation and support ever forthcoming from them. The library connect and the resultant networking has immensely helped us in developing this business line in a beautiful place like Kovaipudur where people are health conscious. We hope to serve the community by providing healthy organic food without ‘oil and boil’, say the enthusiastic entrepreneurs Jaya and Jaya in one voice!

Ever since Makizhchi is rendering an excellent service to society. So much so that the food center is open from 5.30 am - 10 pm without break. Those who go for a walk in the morning make it a point to halt at Makizhchi for a health drink. Jaya’s have enticing menu’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you can also have a ‘kashayam’ there as a top up, if you are suffering from cold or indigestion!

-- P K. Balasubramanian