The 'give and take' phenomenon

Could you guess who is giving me the wakeup call ever since we started living in Kovaipudur? It's the rhythmic chirp of the little birds who visit my garden early morning! I see some of them like sparrows also during the day perching on plants and jumping from one to the other. The drizzles in between have dampened the cherry red mud, which is the specialty of Kovaipudur. And my plants have become steady. The seeds sown have also sprouted. The flowers have bloomed all over - habiscus, lily, jasmine, thechi, yellow daffodils and blue bells vying with each other to attract little birds, beetles, butterflies and even dragon flies. I got a gardener who comes once in 15 days to pluck the weeds, till the earth and spruce up the garden in a small strip of our frontage. And at the backyard we grow vegetables like long bean, ladyfinger, brinjal and tomato…Nature always returns whatever we give in manifold. Dawn to dusk she smiles at you and reminds you of this simple theory of 'give and take', including my morning tea with the aroma of lemon grass grown in my garden!
- P. K. Balasubramanian